Monday, 2 January 2012

Featured Photos- Cricket, Bands and WW2

G'day history buffs. I have a website, where I have been reproducing old historical photos from my collection gathered from the past 15 years. I am now collating stories, and checking for accuracy on dates and descriptions. If you have the time, and enjoy looking at old historical photos from around Australia, from the Military, interesting People, Sporting Icons etc, and would like to help verify the descriptions, or simply share a story about what you see or how it affected your life, I would be most grateful. I will be posting 3 new 'old' photo's every week from all different categories. My aim is to attach some of these stories or interesting facts to the images for sale on my web. It's the memory that a photo can conjure up that creates a magic that others can share in. These photos include the band 'Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs c. 1964'. I'm not sure where it was taken, or if any of the band members are still alive. Don Bradman Wall and Kippax in c. 1934 Australia v England Test, and the bombing of London in WW2 c. 1940, not sure if that date is accurate? Thanks.

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